Top Chocolate Health Benefits That Will Astonish You

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate – it is something that people, both children and adults alike, are fond to devour whether or not because of some health tips that they received. Some diseases are attributed to too much consumption of it but there are also health wonders that it can do. What exactly are those?

Know Your Chocolate First

A chocolate with plenty of nonfat cocoa solids has more antioxidants to offer. How about the fat present in the cacao – is it good or not? The word fat may have caused a general scare especially to those who are health conscious or have increased health risk. Cacao bean does contain saturated fat however, most that you will find is the stearic acid that does not contribute to increase in the level of blood cholesterol. Meanwhile, other fat is present in the cocoa butter and is believed to be a desirable fat or the monounsaturated fat. However, be clear that it is about cocoa that we are talking about but chocolates in general may have other fat ingredients that are harmful to the body. These are called the trans fats and saturated fats.

Indulge in Chocolate and Forget About Heart Attack

As found by Diane Becker, MPH, ScD, one of the researchers of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, death caused by heart attack can be reduced to as much as 50% by taking little amount of dark chocolate every day. The research shows that blood platelet clotting is slower in people who had eaten black chocolate compared to those who did not. According to Becker, this was caused by the flavonols that triggers biochemical effect where platelet clumping is reduced. Harvard University School of Public Health researchers support the idea that cardiovascular disease is reduced by cocoa and chocolate by:

  • Anti-inflammation action
  • Decrease in LDL oxidation
  • Lowered blood pressure

Chocolate is Good News for Diabetics as It Increases Insulin Sensitivity

For diabetics, one of the risk factors is the insulin resistance which was found out to be lowered because of consumption of dark chocolate. A study conducted in Italy shows that 15 people of good health have lower systolic blood pressure after they were fed for 15 days of three ounces of dark chocolate containing flavonol phytochemicals. Significant decrease in the insulin resistance is good news not only for diabetics but for all the people.

Arterial Blood Flow Could Be Improved by Chocolate

Further researches shows that people who took cocoa rich in flavonol have improvement in the blood flow in their arteries. How did this happen? It is important for the blood vessels to be relaxed to facilitate a smoother blood flow. People who took flavonoid-rich cocoa during the research were found to have a significant increase in the relaxation of their blood vessels after they consume the dark chocolate. Maintaining a good arterial blood flow is crucial for cardiovascular health.

Healthier and Happier Life as Chocolate May Help You with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Outcomes of more studies shows chocolate health benefits that are good to all as it can make a person feel livelier. As a proof, the study conducted in England where people were given 1 1/2 ounces of dark chocolate in 85% cocoa daily for eight weeks reported that they feel less tired after the chocolate consumption. Contrary to what most of us believes that chocolate could make you fat, no weight gain was noticed among the participants. How is this possible? It was concluded by the researchers that the dark chocolate may have triggered the serotonin that helps in the regulation of sleep and mood. More studies need to conducted though to make sure of this benefit.

Society Is Not the Only One That Has Inequality as Chocolates Are Not Created Equal Too!

Take note that chocolates have different levels of flavonoid content which is the important content if you are expecting health benefits from it. To help you, remember that a chocolate is likely to have more antioxidants if there are more nonfat cocoa solids in it. Natural cocoa powder has the highest level of flavonoids.

Chocolate Is Healthy But Take Note of Its Calories

It would have been healthier not to mention so much fun if chocolates contain just flavonoids. However, that is not case and the truth is all chocolates have calories. Be mindful of how much you consume.

Eating chocolates is a favorite among children and adults. Though it was established that it has certain good benefits, you still should be wary on the quality and quantity of your consumption as there are other components included there that might not be so healthy. Go to health studies to know more about it.