Top 7 Health Myths and Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Health Myths Blow Mind

Are you living a life based on fear due to health myth? Read on to know more about the fabricated stories and learn the facts behind it.

Developing Cancer Is the Way of Life for Women

A study conducted by researchers shows that half the percentage of the cancer deaths in the US comes down to bad habits and some conditions presented in the social and environmental situations. Obesity for example and unhealthy human actions such as sedentary lifestyle and vices are the results of the said conditions. As such, cancer can be prevented through the following:

  • Not using, quitting, or avoiding cigarettes and tobacco products. Avoidance of second hand smoke is also included.
  • Eating and maintaining a healthy diet combined with physical activity.
  • Losing weight for overweight and obese people and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Keeping alcohol intake to a minimum

Type 2 Diabetes Is Unstoppable

Type 2 diabetes, also known as non insulin-dependent diabetes, is more common compared to the Type 1 diabetes. This could develop even at a young age when the liver cells, fat, and muscle cannot use insulin the right way. It is proven by the studies conducted that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented contrary to the thought that you will get it after some time no matter what you do. In fact, losing your body weight of by 5 to 7 percent can already do a big thing. This is not a difficult thing to do as few minutes of physical activity and healthy diet could easily take you there.

Prevention of Illness During a Cruise is Impossible

Americans are fond of cruising that approximately 8.3 million US citizens went to cruise last 2003 according to data from the Cruise Line International Association. Cruising exposes passengers to environments that are new to them but more than that, the chance of person to person contact from an infected person is very thus, the source of the said myth. Read the following tips on how you to avoid the spread of disease during travel.

  • Always wash your hands especially before and after eating.
  • Rest well and drink plenty of water to help your body boost the immune system.

Immunizations are for Babies and Kids Only

Health myth and facts are so widespread and immunization was not able to escape its grasp. Vaccine was developed to control diseases that claimed lives of many people before. Diseases like polio, tetanus, mumps, German measles and pertussis or whooping cough was so common before but are controlled now all thanks to vaccine development. However, records show that many adults die or incapacitated because of diseases that are supposed to be easily prevented. This only proves that adults are still vulnerable to diseases and it would be best to get a vaccine before it is too late.

Forestalling Birth Defects Is Not Possible

From the data available, it is evident that around 3000 pregnancy cases in the US every year is affected by either spine of brain defects. This defects could be prevented though had their mothers took folic acid and vitamin B during their pregnancy especially during the first trimester. The US Public Health Service recommends a consumption of 400 micrograms of folic acid everyday for pregnant women. This simple fact can go as to lengths as far as preventing the birth defects.

No Symptoms Means Sexually Transmitted Disease/Sexually Transmitted Infection (STD/STI)

There are STDs/STIs that do not show signs or symptoms or known as asymptomatic. The frightening part though is that while the infected is not aware due to lack of symptoms, grave harm is already made, for example, to the reproductive organ of a woman. Consult right away with a healthcare specialist and have yourself tested if you suspect that you may have contacted STD/STI. The same applies if you learn that your partner or someone you had contact with has STD/STI.

Rape Seldom Happens

Contrary to what most people believe, rape occurs more frequent than what is known by many. Based on the survey done by the National Violence Against Women, the statistics shows that 1 in 33 men and 1 in 6 women in the US were victims of either rape or attempted rape.

For some, these myths may seem negligible but in fact, these hold a significant importance in changing the lives of women and saving lives of people in general. If you are not sure, asking a specialist or a simple research could do the job. Help bust the myths and propagate the health facts.