This New Device Could Prolong the Lives of Diabetics

Medtronic, a company that is known for creating breakthrough devices for individuals with diabetes has recently filed for a U.S. approval of their first artificial pancreas. This device is the size of your average smartphone and wirelessly connects to an insulin pump as well as a glucose monitor.


The first bionic pancreas would remain outside the body which means it doesn’t have to be surgically implanted and can be used as soon as the owner learns how to use it. It would have the ability to take over for the wearer’s malfunctioning pancreas that is supposed to produce insulin (the hormone that converts blood sugar to energy) naturally.


Medtronic has made many innovations over the years that help make monitoring blood sugar levels and injecting insulin much easier. The approval for the MiniMed 670G could mean a major change in the lifestyle of Type 1 diabetics everywhere. They would be able to turn over their daily routine and medical responsibilities to a machine.


The MiniMed 670G will be able to measure blood sugar levels every five minutes and it could automatically administer, or withhold small doses of insulin throughout the day in order to help keep the patient within their target range.


Patients have to work 24 hours a day to keep their blood sugar levels where they need be. With the help from the artificial pancreas, they would not have to dedicate so much time to their diabetes management.