Medical News Articles Today: Treating Colitis Unconventionally

Treating Colitis

Colitis is the bleeding of the colon’s walls and treating it through stool transplant shows positive results; patients experience no bleeding or loose stools stated in medical news articles today.

Colitis has no sole treatment nor does it have any known cause. The treatment through stool transplantation is yet gaining its momentum and is yet to be further studied and researched on. Causes may vary, but one known cause is the person’s low immune system wherein health complications can be attributed to.

It was during the 2016 Congress by the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization that the results made during the study on stool transplanting was presented.

Sudarshan Paramsothy of the University of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia stated the importance of the research as it is one of the largest transplants ever made to treat colitis. It requires thorough and further trials to come up with a specific treatment that will bring lifelong remedy to the mentioned disease.

Seven donors donated frozen fecal matter amounting to 150 ml to benefit the patients under the treatment procedure.

Many donors were considered as concentrating on one donor might alter the results. One bad donor can greatly determine the result of the research therefore multiple donors are required to come up with an accurate result. Positive results were achieved since all patients under research were treated of their ulcerative colitis in recent news.

Patients have eliminated the use of steroids to treat the disease as they started on the research. Steroids are just one treatment that was considered just to control the disease. Doctor’s advice has to be considered if you are planning to treat colitis with steroids. Antidiarrheal medicines are also considered since ulcerative colitis can cause diarrhea on patients. A change in your diet may also help in treating the disease.

Treatment may vary depending on the severity of the disease and on a case to case basis. In minor cases, patients are given medication to ease diarrhea and control the bleeding and inflammation. Severe cases will often require surgery especially if it causes problems on the colon.

Almost half of the number of patients (41) experience recovery even without steroids. They recovered from the bleeding as well as from the diarrhea. Only 20% of those under the placebo treatment achieved recovery. Statistics is made on 41 patients suffering from the disease.

Some of the patients complained of abdominal pains and flatulence according to Paramsothy. Two patients receiving the eight week transplant treatment suffered complications wherein the colitis worsened. One of the two patients had to have the colon removed and the other one came from the placebo group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Philippe Seksik of the Hôpital Saint-Antoine in Paris has considered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ulcerative colitis.

Compared to the multiple donors in the previous statements, single donors will allow patients to be closely monitored in case some complications may arise. It also hinders something to be spread in the patient’s body when single donor is followed. Multiple donors on the other hand will allow samples to be stored and frozen while donors are monitored in case they have health issues to consider.

In today’s medical news, the FDA is regulating the stool transplanting procedure as it is only meant to treat symptoms of Clostridium difficile on patients. The regulation is meant to benefit the safety of patients.

According to Alyssa Hart of St. Mark’s Hospital in London stated that the multiple donor option is just a piece of a bigger issue to tackle. Though the results can bring so much hope and positivity in the treatment of the disease, further studies is yet to be pursued.

Dr. Paramsothy is reportedly being supported by research agencies. On the other hand, Dr. Seksik and Dr. Hart have no financial ties to any research agencies.

US news medical school has yet to disclose their say on the matter of ulcerative colitis as doctors from Paris and Australia had their share of research and resolutions on the medical matter.

There are different considerations to take when we talk about ulcerative colitis. It is best to be informed to avoid acquiring the disease and have it take a toll on your health. Risks should be considered especially when it comes to our health. This is the reason why staying healthy and being informed is a way to lower the risks. The internet is a good avenue for information to be had, take advantage of it to stay healthy.