Medical Latest News: Discovering the Best Cure for Cancer!

Discovering the best Cure for Cnacer

Cancer is one of what many would consider incurable illness. But according to Medical Science News on cures and treatments, a more effective and painless cure is discovered.


Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrollable and relentless spread and development of cancer cells. There are many types of cancer from head to the bottom of our bodies, from the scalp to the toes, from the outermost to the internal systems of our anatomy. One of the manifestations of cancer is tumor, an excessive clump of tissue found in the gland or organ. Tumors can either be benign or malignant. If it is the former, it has no adverse consequences if removed out of the body. If it is the latter, it can lead to cancer and therefore should be treated immediately.


Initially, tumors form in the body cells. Eventually, they grow and clump to huge sizes until it affects all cells inside the organ. This situation goes on and on until it worsens to a more severe illness called cancer. And for years, doctors and medical experts are relentless in finding a more painless, more effective, and safer medication for this disease.


Cancer researchers are not stopping on researching medications or therapy for cancer patients. There is a new cancer treatment that will give hope to lymphoma and leukemia patients. Before, patients who are diagnosed to have leukemia, or blood cancer have less probability of survival, now with today’s medical news for cancer treatment, will improve the survival rate of these types of cancer.


On February 26, 2010, medical experts and researchers have set the bar higher in the medical world for discovering a new drug that is an effective cure for both lymphoma and leukemia. Lymphoma is cancer of the glands while leukemia is cancer of the blood.


The PCI-32765 drug is being tested and analyzed in a clinical trial labeled as Phase I by the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center with the collaboration of the Clinical Division of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). There were clinical trials and testing done to measure the effectiveness and safety of the new drug prior to approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


The cure for lymphoma, called the CI-32765 drug, targets the cellular malfunctioning of lymphoma cells. The enzyme called Bruton-tyrosine-kinase is important in maintaining B-lymphocytes which role is to produce antibodies to attain a more stable immune system. Medical observations showed the ability of PCI-32765 to prevent uncontrolled development and spread of cancer cells and eradicate the cancer cells and eventually cause cell death at the same time.


One more good news is about the discovery of a new drug to treat prostate cancer that was approved by Food and Drugs Authority on May of 2010. It is called Provenge, the new treatment for prostate cancer, was originally researched by Stanford researchers during the 1990s.


The drug Provenge uses immune cells of the body to recognize and then fight cancer. The case is that cells don’t usually recognize cancer cells as a foreign threat. The entire body will be targeted of the treatment and it will be aiming to the immune cells which are already pre-defined. This drug is curative, not preventive like traditional vaccines for both tetanus and measles.


The therapy involving Provenge targets already existing cancers or cancers in the late stages. Compared to other methods of therapies, the use of the drug Provenge will add hope to a patient suffering from prostate cancer. The drug will also target the cancer cells while replenishing and healing the affected cells, thus helping the other body cells to function normally without any interruption and impediment.


The accuracy of the drug and its effectiveness are also clinically tested. Moreover, the side effects are to be examined carefully. This might already be a breakthrough for the medical world but there is nothing better than to undergo all the necessary precautions for the drug to be considered the best and optimal solution. After all, all drugs have consequences in the body of a person.


It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to avoid stress. Some are more prone to this illness due to genetic makeup, while some acquire this through unhealthy lifestyle. Regular physical examination should be given priority to detect even the earliest symptoms of cancer.


Highly developed countries will make the sample experiments regarding this matter. Tests for these kinds of drugs are very costly. Nonetheless, according to the latest medical news, this would surely be taken into consideration to reduce deaths due to this type of cancer.