Latest Medical News: Aspirin Vs the Risks of Prostate Cancer

Latest News on Asprin

In Health Issues Today, Aspirin can lower the risks of men from acquiring prostate cancer. It can even prevent patient deaths.

Dr. Christopher Allard who is a Harvard Medical School urologic oncologist discovered that patients taking aspirin right after being diagnosed with prostate cancer lowered the death toll by 40%.

Aspirin has been known to be prescribed to patients with cardiovascular disorders and patients who are taking the pill on a regular basis can prevent the disease from befalling them. The discovery does not solely give credit to aspirin though the result is greatly attributed to the pill.

This discovery was presented at the ASCO or the American Society of Clinical Oncology in San Francisco.

Dr. Sumanta Pal, an oncologist from California said that Aspirin as the main cause of cancer treatment is yet to be studied and cannot be finalized yet.

Comparing patients taking aspirin from patients that got no treatment or those that got a placebo is a good approach on the study. Keeping a record of the statistics will allow the research to come to a final result. This latest research in medical field definitely awoke the thoughts of people though further studies were still recommended.

The connection between aspirin and prostate cancer according to Allard is that Aspirin can control the number of platelets in the blood. Therefore, it can cause bleeding which is why it can prevent the progression of the cancer. Allard is still speculating about the connection of the two.

The platelets on the blood cover the cancer cells thus the immune system will recognize it as the cancer and causing it to fight off.

Spreading of the cancer can be prevented from taking over the bones on a person’s body with the help of aspirin according to Allard.

Allard said that aspirin can only lower the risk and not take it as an ultimate cure to the disease. There is only a 24% risk in men who has been taking aspirin from acquiring the disease. However, it is still not the sole treatment to the disease.

There is a 39% low risk on patients dying due to prostate cancer when taking aspirin on a regular basis. There is no direct benefit on the health of patients who has been taking aspirin prior to diagnosis.

Latest medical news show that the study on the health benefits found in beta carotene and aspirin started in 1982 on 22,000 men. Experts studied the relationship and treatment of heart diseases and aspirin as well as cancer and beta carotene.

Of the given statistics, about 3,200 men in thirty years were discovered to be down with prostate cancer. About 400 of the number of men had lethal prostate cancer or men who had prostate cancer and had the cancer reach other organs. Lethal prostate cancer in general is having the cancer cells spread and affect other organs of the body.

Consultation with their respective doctors in the intake of aspirin should always be the first recourse of patients. Doctors can assess if you are a viable candidate for the regular aspirin intake according to Allard.

Blood tests should be administered to patients to see what the best medicine for prostate cancer is. This is referred to as liquid biopsy.

The blood tests can analyze the presence of cancer cells in the blood. These tumors can shed and they get into the bloodstream allowing it to be visible on the computer that is used in the research. The research was led by Dr. Howard Scher a genitourinary oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY City.

Researchers discovered that patients who had the cancer cells in their system did not have good response to hormone therapy. They even survived only for a short span of time.

Pal commended the use of blood testing to take into account the cancer and discover a patient care that will work according to the needs of the patient. The test will eventually keep more men from suffering the consequences brought about by prostate cancer. It will also keep patients away from suffering the consequences of hormone therapy.

There is a continued desire to get prostate cancer treated as it can cause the death toll to increase and affect the quality of living in patients. Thankfully, there are doctors, researchers, experts who are willing to devote their time in the study to eventually come up with a solution that will benefit many.

Publishing the researches in a peer-reviewed newspaper is considered official, however it will be considered as preliminary until published.