iPhone Apps in Medical Health News Today

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In today’s technological era, having a medical iPhone app on your iPhone is already necessary for doctors and other people in the health care and medical field. It’s convenient, faster and easier to obtain information, which can be very productive for those looking for data. It helps doctors explain to their patients what their illness or disease is, with those applications giving brief and accurate explanations and even pictures for them to understand it better.


This would also help doctors to communicate with their patients if they are not around or if they are unable to go to them directly. They can communicate directly with their doctor using just the buttons from their iPhone. The applications also serve as reminders for their medication, schedules, dietary facts, side effects, know-how and give tidbits of information about what they’re going through.


There are many categories of medical applications. These include:

  • Disease Reference
  • Drug Guide
  • Family Health Reports
  • Heart Imaging Technology
  • Medical and Health News
  • Medical Abbreviations
  • Medical Calculators
  • Medical Dictionary
  • Medical References
  • Personal Health Care
  • Yoga Instructor
  • And many others.


You literally can download hundreds of iPhone applications under each category. We’ve created a list of applications that are very helpful and popular applications found in the iPhone App. Store for this year’s 2016. Please take note that some of them may need to be purchased first before you can download.


This list is based on random order and we are not, in any way, affiliated with these apps.



Epocrates has a lot of active members using it, both doctors and patients. Most content can be browsed for free, but certain add-ons must be purchased. Epocrates is a great way of finding out drug information, its side effects and manufacturer. You can check the name of the pill by its Pill ID or contact the manufacturer directly. It has a Provider Directory for you to search doctors near your area. It can also perform BMI tests and GFR tests.



Doximity is for doctors. It is for free and gives you the freedom to look and talk to other doctors. It’s like Facebook, but solely for doctors. It has HIPAA secure features for you to be able to send an electronic fax via phone and doctors can be up-to-date with the top medical news.



UpToDate is true to its name by being up to date with what’s happening in Medical Health News Today. It’s a great way to find a lot of medical information and has a lot of content, not just news but you can also view videos. It has a bookmark feature to keep track of your reading progress and you can email a colleague if you find something interesting. The application is free to download however, to be able to access UpToDate’s entire database, a subscription is required.



The WebMD app provides free information about the medical condition of a person. It works just like when you’re browsing in a laptop or a desktop. It also helps you diagnose your illness based on your signs and symptoms using the symptom checker. You can also access drug information and how you treat them. There is also a list of first aid how-tos plus a health directory.



MedScape was created by WebMD. It’s completely free. You can find out more about your prescription drugs and record its progress. You can use its disease reference tool and read medical news. You can also use the directory to look for doctors near your area.


Other notable apps are:


Can’t visit your doctor? You can still set an appointment using ZocDoc. It helps you find the best doctors in your area, as patients give a review on what they think about them. It gives you an option to set an appointment with them and reminds you of any needed documentations and checkups that you need to have.



If you like numbers and formulas, then download MedCalc. It is a free calculator that provides a huge number of medical formulas and how to interpret their scores.


Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Taber’s Medical Dictionary contains thousands of medical terms and definitions and other medical resources. It has a vast picture library as well.


To download these applications, use your iPhone and download them from the iPhone App. Store.


These iPhone applications are helpful in diagnosing and treatment of your disease or illness. However, it’s still best to talk face-to-face with a real doctor to find out more.