Health Question: Is Drinking Water Really Effective?

Drinking Water

Did you know that our bodies are composed of 60 to 70 percent water? How about the saying, “Drink eight glasses of water every day?” These are health questions that you can ask when it comes to water in your body.


Stop drinking sugary beverages like juice and soft drinks as it increases the chance of stroke, obesity and other health problems if drank continuously. Energy drinks can boost you the energy that you need but it is laced with chemicals and preservatives that can harm or body instead of making them healthy. Coffee can cause dehydration. Alcohol can damage your kidneys and affect motor coordination. Water is an all-natural source of nutrients for your body and beneficial to your health. Below are the reasons why you need to drink enough water.


Staying Hydrated

Maintaining fluid balance is essential to keeping you hydrated. Being dehydrated can affect your physical performance. Lack of water in the body can prevent us from absorbing nutrients and will have a hard time in flushing out toxins. It also relieves fatigue and boosts your energy levels.


Losing Weight

Yes, you heard it right. Drinking water can help you lose weight by making you feel full, thus preventing you from eating more. It’s best to drink cold water because your body will use more calories to maintain body temperature. Studies from health websites show that if you drink water before meals lose weight faster. It also helps increase metabolism and eliminates by-products of fat. In addition, it may relieve constipation. Best of all, it has zero calories.


Energizes Muscles

As you perspire, you lose fluids needed in your body. When muscles don’t have sufficient fluids, you get tired easily. By drinking water, it keeps your joints and muscles lubricated and helps prevent sprains and cramps. Drink up before, during and after workouts. It’s the best way to re-energize yourself after a long and tiring day.


Healthy Skin and Immune System

Water is a great moisturizer for your skin. It keeps it fresh and young looking by flushing out the skin’s impurities and improves blood flow and circulation. It can even prevent wrinkles. Drinking water can prevent colds flu, cancer and other health issues, such as coronary heart disease.


Helps Your Kidneys

Speaking of illnesses, it also helps our kidneys by flushing out toxins, especially blood urea nitrogen also called BUN for short. BUN is water-soluble, meaning it is flushed out as urine together with water. Drinking water also prevents the chance of urinary tract infections or UTI and kidney stone development.


Keeps You Alert

Water is a great stress reliever. Water can relieve fatigue and keeps you energetic and alert. This is also the reason why it’s a great cure for hangovers. When your body’s performance is at its optimal performance, you’ll be energized and feel great. Always keep a glass or bottle of water handy with you at all times. Without enough water, it can affect your motor skills, attention span or memory.


Relieves Migraines and Headaches

Headaches and migraines can be caused by dehydration. It is recommended to drink two to four glasses of water to alleviate headache or migraine pain.


Prevents Bad Breath

Gargling water can prevent bad breath by washing out food particles and the bacteria that can stick in your teeth. It lessens the smell oral bacteria can create.


A Necessity

Without water, one can die. It’s one of the basic necessities in living things, not just humans. It’s a fact that most people often overlook and take for granted.


Using Water for Your Body

Swimming, using a spa or sauna and lying down on a bathtub filled with water can help you ease pain and keep you relaxed. This is not drinking water but we just want to add what other benefits you can have with water.


Fun fact: Did you know that foods like watermelons are 90 percent water?

If you don’t have water handy, you can munch on a watermelon or a broccoli to keep you healthy. Lettuce is also one green leafy vegetable that contains water. Not only you’ll get hydrated by eating them, but you’ll receive nutrients from these foods, too.


These are just some of the benefits of drinking water. And compared to other drinks out there, water is still the best drink to keep your body healthy. Together with a great healthy diet and regular exercise, you will have a fit and strong body to be able to perform everyday tasks. The best thing about water is that it’s inexpensive to get. You can get it for free and you wouldn’t worry about losing calories.